The carpet you choose for your home is so much more than a basic floor covering. It’s the finishing touch to your new décor scheme, a soft landing for little hands and knees, or a comforting hug against a cold and blustery evening.

Choosing a Penthouse Carpet means you know you’ve chosen the very best quality carpet for your home, thanks to the years of experience and the depth of passion we have for our products.

These years of care and passion mean we know that no two households are alike, so we offer carpets in different piles, weights, tones and textures.  Perhaps you want a soft and luxurious carpet for your peaceful bedroom? Or robust and hardwearing carpet for a busy family entrance hall? We’ve got these and everything in-between covered.

Rest easy in the knowledge that your perfect carpet is just a few clicks away. Order a sample, get in touch with a recommended supplier or give us a call – after all, we’re only happy if you’re happy.